Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions country ip mismatch – how to solve if you get the error ” country ip mismatch ” means you are trying to login outside from your original login country , we have locked one account to logged in to one country only . if you have to login from more than one destinations frequently you have to ask us to open your account for all destinations. either you can write us by email at – or you can use our ticket system ( contact support button in the main menu at home page ) in both cases please give us all possible details like your user name , which countries you like to open for your account etc etc . we review and answer in 24-48 hrs weekdays. my login & password is not working , how to solve if your login or password is not working for any unknown reason you should contact us either by ticket system ( contact support button the main menu ) or alternatively you can email us at any time . please make sure you write the correct subject in the email and write all details . for example email subject : my user name and password not working my user name : i am getting this error …………………………….. my country of login is UK I am confused what does worldwide means in service WORLDWIDE , any service package starting with worldwide means its regardless of country & network , say for instance you got 2 htc phones . one is locked on some Austrian network and other is locked on uk network , now you got to process the requests for both phones . so u got to get in GET CODES page , fill in the form , in imei section write your first imei than hit ENTER on your keyboard and enter the 2nd imei of the phone , this way you can send multiple imeis in one go , once done click submit you get codes instantly in 5 min time. I am a trade customer & needs volume discount,to whom should i contact we do offer volume discounts for trade customers , how ever our prices are really competitive compared to industry , you can email at stating how many credits you like to buy and how much you can consume in a month time . we reply you back in max 24 hrs How to check my request/Job/Codes are ready? plz click on codes history page in reports section and you can see the status of your request , all request which are answered get the replies on CODES HISTORY page . I am confused not sure which package to select? in all cases you can contact support help , located at main home page ,lets illustrate with an example . you got a nokia handset model NOKIA N97 , which is locked on Orange Uk . now what you got to do is fill all the form in GET CODES page in customer control panel ( you must be logged in Mobile PC eXpert ) and select service as UK-ORANGE NETWORK we tell you the approx time and how many credits the service will take . once all done click submitt and your request will go to admin for process i have received credits but not sure where to start if you are not sure for any thing you can contact support , its located on main home page in navigation area, our live team member will answer all your questions . in other case is very simple , just click GET CODES/Place Order tab and it takes you the the main service page , fill in the fields accordingly select the service package which is right for you and press submitt , once this is done your request is in process What happens if it exceeds more than 24 hrs & no credits recieved after paypal payment it happnes only in 2 cases , 1st is you are a new user on Mobile PC eXpert and we want to verify the account holder , so just for this we normally send a verification email on the paypal adress which is used to pay for the credits , once we got reply back we add credits straight away , so you go to check your inbox or spam folder . 2nd case is when site is undergoing a major update & admin is not able to add credits ( we normally send email before any major update to all registered users) in both cases you can contact live help if you want to be sure what exactly has made the delay What happens after i have paid with paypal once you have paid paypal , now the admin has to add your credits . normally it takes max 1 hr in working hrs or max you have to wait 15 hrs . in some cases we email the paypal email adress just for authentication that the original owner has paid the amount . once email is verified we add your credits straightaway( verification is only for ist time u buy the credits ) what to proceed once registration is done once you have registered and activated your account through a valid email adress , now you have to buy credits so as you can start processing your requests, for this you have to logon in xpresscodes and click the BUY CREDITS tab and select your desired credits and follow the paypal link . How to register on Mobile PC eXpert Mobile PC eXpert registration is 2 step process . step-1 plz fill in the registration form click submit , u will receive one email from Mobile PC eXpert showing the registration link , click on it and it will register you on Mobile PC eXpert . plz keep in view to check the inbox and spam folder , some time happens email goes in spam folder . step-2 now once you have successfully registered , please send us an email at with these details . 1. your country of login 2. a valid phone number ( in case we need to contact you ) as soon as we have these details , your account will be activated in 24-48 hrs time or less ( weekdays ) Can i order only 1 Unlock Code Mobile PC eXpert is dedicated to mobile phone professionals & we only work in trade , the best way to unlock your handset is to take it to the nearest unlocking shop & they can unlock it for you. Is Unlocking affect manufacturers warranty no not at all , your warranty remains intact . Can Unlocking damange my phone Absolutely not , a unlock code is been provided just to unlock your handset so as you can use other operator sim card Is Unlocking mobile phone is legal Yes, cell phone unlocking is legal in most countries, including the United States of America. An exemption was passed in November of 2006 making it legal to circumvent technology in cell phones. Cell phone unlocking is legal as long as the IMEI or ESN numbers are not tampered with in any way. All of our unlocking solutions do not make any changes to the ESN or IMEI number of any cell phone. We will not change the phones electronic serial number because that is against the law so please do not ask. how Unlocking works Mobile unlocking is a service which frees mobile phones from the networks they are locked to. This is done by entering a Manufacturer’s code into your mobile keypad. The code then unlocks the network and this means your phone will be compatible with any network and any sim card. For example, if your mobile phone is locked to Orange network and you want to use Vodafone by unlocking your mobile you will be able to use your mobile on a Vodafone network. what is unlocking The easiest way to use your mobile phone with any other GSM network provider without any restrictions is to take off the simlock. Remote unlocking is a simple, quick and easy solution. All you need to do is to enter the unlock code we will provide you. All our codes include a very detailed step by step user’s guide and email support. How to obtain the IMEI number Simply type *#06# into your mobile keypad, this will bring up your 15 digit “IMEI” number on the screen. If you get more than 15 digit, just consider the first 15 digit. You can also find the IMEI number written on a sticker near the battery pack inside your cell phone.